Donald Trump: what now?

Never before have we had a US President so engaged with social media. Every day is a new day for Trump to fire off some angry tweets about the “fake media” (sad!) or defending his questionable political decisions. Honestly, his tweets are reminiscent of every 14 year old’s angry sub tweets about their friend who didn’t invite them to the cinema. But, he can do as he pleases. No PR team seems able to stop him. Usually Presidents have very professional, boring accounts, filled with staffer’s tweets about upcoming policies and rallies. I am hardly surprised about how extravagant his tweets are- are we forgetting he was a billionaire reality star before he took up his role as leader of the free world?

The questions on everybody’s minds is will he be impeached. There are rumours that he has leaked classified information about ISIS to Russia. He claims he has the right to share this information at his discretion. This sent many people into a blind panic, the administration scrambled, trying to calculate an efficient and explanatory response to why the President would do such a thing. Currently, they are still trying to do so. Perhaps even more worryingly, before Trump fired the head of the FBI James Comey (that’s right, the man who essentially helped win him the election by launching another investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails), he told him to consider jailing journalists for publishing leaked documents. The question remains- if the media is “fake”, then why the rush to jail them for reporting inaccurate news?

The swing voters who voted for Trump because they wanted to “make America great again” and to shake up politics must be feeling pretty stupid by now. Trump ran on an anti-establishment platform yet he was a member of said establishment. He was popular in the rust belt, yet he was a billionaire property developer. People voted for him because he wasn’t a politician- with this logic, people would be happy for a TV presenter to perform open heart surgery on them.

And don’t even get me started on this “Hillary was just as bad” nonsense. If you honestly think for a second that a man would have been as closely scrutinised as Hillary was, you are deluded. And to prove my point, Trump has been accused of sexual harassment by numerous women over the years, and still, he was elected. So don’t claim the election wasn’t about sexism when it clearly was. While Hillary would have been more of the same, please don’t say that Hillary would have tried to shut down Planned Parenthood and come up with something like the American Health Care Act, where pre-existing conditions are discriminated against, including pregnancy and sexual assault… are you seeing a pattern here?

However, the simple fact is is that Donald Trump is still President and there’s nothing anyone can do about it for the moment. There’s no point in shouting down his supporters without listening to their arguments. Working together to reach a compromise on political issues is the only way the situation can be salvaged. The next four years for the USA will be challenging, undoubtedly. And perhaps I am not best qualified to speak on such matters, as I am not a US citizen and currently do not live there. However, surveying from the outside can be interesting. The rest of the world will watch on, bemused and bewildered. At least we will have some interesting twitter spats to entertain us.


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